Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Feather Fascinators :)

I {love love love} feathers! I'm sure that's easy to tell though ;)
With the craft show that actually took place this morning/afternoon, I wanted to create some new pieces to reveal. Among many new arrivals, I designed a few new feather fascinators this past week!

Here are some of the new beauties!


This Teal, Black, & Silver fascinator was created using a black turkey marabou feather, teal saddle feathers, a spotted guinea feather, silver sparkley leaves, and an antique silver and teal button! It was all secured to a bobby pin for easy attachment and assembling to all hairstyles.

This little lovely peacock fascinator was created using white saddle feathers, rooster tail feathers, a beautiful peacock eye feather, and a vintage-inspired brooch! It was all then secured to an antique brass hair comb and looks sooo elegant when pinned in the hair.

I love this next feather fascinator! I created it using a dark grey ostrich plume, light pink goose coquille feathers, a spotted guinea feather, and a vintage-inspired brooch. I also attached this fascinator to an antique brass hair comb which makes it easy to pin into the hair.

This peacock butterfly, a version of the piece--WINGS, is actually a part of a custom order I am creating for 9 bridesmaids in a wedding that will be taking place in Pennsylvania on Oct. 29, 2011! They are all going to be created with alligator clips on the back so they can wear them attached to their sashes during the wedding and later, worn in their hair! :)

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