Saturday, July 23, 2011

This weeks agenda :)

It's been a whirlwind of projects and excitement!! This weeks projects included a bridal hairpiece for a wedding in west virginia:

A hairpiece that I re-amped for a dear friend of mine...this one has a little french theme to it:

I also have been putting together different ideas for my baby shower in late september {I want to be apart of my baby shower planning...I just have to :) }, planning our trip to the Sawdust Art Festival this coming week {super excited}, & finishing up my finals for summer school {ends the 29th!!!}.

Also on the recent agenda of projects to complete:
Bridal hairpiece for a wedding in Fiji {starting today}
Bridal hairpiece for a wedding in the High Desert {starting within a couple of weeks}
Hairpieces for the upcoming photoshoot and putting it all together including props & gift bags for the models!!! Oy! Time is going by fast!

Next post: Baby onsie with tie!! <--Another project I completed a couple days ago :)

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