Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby Onsie with Necktie

I have been wanting to create cute little onesies for our little man due in early Dec. and I have finally started and completed one onesie! :) I bought a plain white onesie at Ross for $1.99 and chose a light blue fabric with light yellow polka dots to create the tiny tie with.
Once I cut out the shape of the tie from the fabric, I hand sewed it to the middle of the onesie and voila!!

BEFORE: A plain white onesie

AFTER: A super cute onesie :)

This idea is really easy to make and can be quite fun! Here is a tutorial you can use to create your own Necktie Onesie for your little man:DIY instructions here

You can also use any other shapes and creations you want to turn those boring white onesies into something adorable! :D

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