Friday, June 3, 2011


On {June 1, 2011} My husband & I found out we are having a baby boy! It was so amazing seeing him move around, kick, jump, & touch his face & nose! "You've got a jumper!" said the ultrasound sound technician. We were all just laughing in the room as we watched our baby freely move inside of me. The technician told us that our baby keeps flashing her & she can tell us what we are having if we wanted to know & at that moment I KNEW it was a boy! I told my husband, "she sees a little weiner!" The technician laughed and said, "yes, you are having a boy!" :D
It's still a surprise to many people because all I kept hearing was, "You're gonna have a girl!" Lo & behold, it's definitely a boy! This picture says it all {if you can see the little arrow pointing}:& one day later down the road, he's gonna be the "big brother" :)
As soon as we found out, I went out and bought two super cute outfits and baby blue clothes hangers to hang his tiny little clothes on. I also bought the wooden ABC blocks in the photos and painted them to put in the nursery! Soon, I will be making those leaves for the painted tree that will be on the wall by the crib like I explained in a previous post & going crazy with projects out of my ears! Well, that's the newest news for now. Have a beautiful day!

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