Thursday, June 9, 2011

New projects & the opening of my new etsy shop!

It's FINALLY over!!! The Spring 2011 semester is done with! :)
In celebration, I opened up my etsy shop...I still don't have a lot of listings up just yet {still working on it} & I will be starting 2 new projects by the next couple of weeks!
Yesterday, I went to Starbucks to study for a bit before my last final of the day & a woman that was behind me in line asked if I had made the flower I was wearing in my hair. Once, I told her that I did, she told me that she loved it and politely aked if I would make her hairpiece for her wedding in Feb. 2012! I was so excited and shocked at the same time! We exchanged numbers and I will be working on it shortly.
It will be a halo of small ivory flowers with pinks and yellows mixed throughout. :) I can't wait because my vision of it is quite amazing I must say! Pictures of progress will be coming soon!
Another project will be for a little girl named Destiny :) I will be making her a little ruffled skirt she can feel really girly wearing!! {It's gonna be so CUTE!} Next week sometime I am planning to go to the LA fabric district and as soon as I get back with lots of different fabrics, I will be starting her skirt for her. Pictures of progress will be coming soon as well!
P.S. visit my etsy shop {although still under construction}
{NOTE: if you are ordering from the high desert, shipping is free}

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