Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bride to Be

Last night, I stayed up 'til about 2:30 in the morning letting my creativity run free! For this particular reason, I was putting together a gift for a bride to be for her tea party bridal shower!! Oh how I love tea parties! The floral dresses, the big floppy hats, the aroma of fresh flowers, the delicious flavors of tea in quaint little tea cups, the very feminine's all too familiar from the days of dress up as a little girl :)
To add to the essence of the tea party, I put together a little something as a gift to the new bride.

I had bought a set of tea cups which originally had silver/gray design on the set but of course I had to change it to make it girlier :) So, I painted in hot pink over the silver detail as well as hand painted the word--"Bride" on a tag which I tied to the handle with ivory ribbon.

The most time spent was in creating a hairpiece which was very detailed yet simple and classic! As a bride, the traditional colors are white/ivory so I wanted to keep the hairpiece in that color palette using different textures including several different lace patterns, chiffon, satin, I also included pearls and feathers! :) Although, I put a lot of detail into it, I made it small enough to wear it casually, yet definitely added plenty of embellishments so it can be worn with something more elegant!

So, that's where my imagination was put into last night! Sometimes, the creative "itch" can lead to something worth falling in love with...I know I did!! :D

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