Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finished Ruffled Skirt!!

I fully completed Chanelle's skirt and it is ready for delivery-although, I don't wanna give it up because I fell completely in love with it!! ::sigh::

It's made up of sparkly chiffon cheetah print fabric, black lace (2 different types--1 for the ruffles & 1 for the hemming), black linen, elastic (around the waist), and black well as a whole lotta love :)

Bottom hemming {notice the sparkles on the cheetah print chiffon :) }

Hemming around the waist. --I added an elastic band within 2 pieces of back linen fabric for the inside of the skirt so its adjustable to wherever it is to be worn--and then added lace around the waistline.

So, I finally completed it after several hours getting every last detail as perfect as possible and it will be delivered to Chanelle today! :)

P.s. I will be opening a shop on Etsy soon! or...asap! :)

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