Thursday, February 3, 2011

Favorite blog{s} of the day! {Maybe of all time!}

So while I was at CBU the other day waiting for my transcripts to be processed, my husband and I visited the bookstore and sat down on the big comfy couch in there. Then, lo and behold, on the table sitting in front of me was....this magazine!I picked it up and immediately started reading and ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the pages full of different blogs and their creativity, journeys through photography, writing, and missions to change the world in a positive way!
Through this mind captivating trip, I stumbled upon the publication of this blog & had to share it!!
{Red Velvet Art}--OFFICIAL SITE

It's comprised of 4 girls that share a fascination for creativity and making pretty things. Their shared BLOG can be found here:

They also have a vintage shop in Springfield, MO which I would love to visit...if I ever somehow end up in Missouri!

They create handmade accessories, cutesy art, fashion, fashion tips, DIY projects, home decor, music, but my favorite...are the blogs from these 4 different girls and their ideas! This is Elsie's blog {She's the boutique owner & designer}:

There's also Rachel's Blog {She's a work at home mama "with a love for old things and a constant itch to be making something useful or pretty"} :

::Ahhh:: so if somehow you can't get a hold of might be because I'm lost in all of the loveliness and creativity postings in these different blogs :)

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