Tuesday, February 1, 2011

14 days until LOVE day!

I love Valentine's day and I'm sure most people in love with love are too! So I was browsing through etsy {as always} and I have found some really cute valentine's day gifts, cards, and decor! Take a look!

{From Rosy Designs Online Etsy Shop}

ahhh-dorable! love+coffee=PERFECT
{From Nella Designs Etsy Shop}

{From Karoart Etsy Shop}

This reminded me of a friend of mine {Staci}.

{From Oh Louise Designs Etsy Shop}

{From DDE Forest Esty Shop}

{From Studio Nocoro Etsy Shop}

{From ARMY MOMOf Twins Etsy Shop}

{From Glazed Black Cherry Etsy Shop}

I love birds so I had to throw this one in here! Soooo cute & with you and your loved ones initials!! ::sigh:: :D

{From Menuet Designs Etsy Shop}

{From Florimancy Etsy Shop

Soooo cute!!!!! :) & I LOVE cupcakes!

{From The Dainty Woods Etsy Shop}

From Me to You:

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