Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not the Ordinary Guestbook Anymore...

While browsing through several different weddings, I have noticed more and more couples creating unique ways to "re-invent" the guestbook. Instead of the ordinary--sign your name here & write us some encouragement for our marriage here--tradition has become underplayed in the idea of a wedding guestbook.

Depending on what the couple enjoys doing, guestbooks can be created from many different things such as this surfboard! The guests signed the board displayed at the wedding & afterwards, the couple has a really cool wedding memorabilia to take home.
Or what about the guitar? Love the idea!
If you are having a beach themed wedding, the sandals book would fit perfectly and is quite adorable!
The giant wine bottle with a metallic sharpie would be an awesome display as well!

{From Green Wedding Shoes}

Another fun idea that I love is the wishing tree!
The couples supply little cards that have a string at the end of them. The guests use them to write a "wish" to the happy couple on one side and the guests' name on the other and when they are done, they hang it on the tree that the couple has displayed! It makes for a really creative and beautiful spectacle.

{From Elizabeth Anne Designs--For DIY instructions to make a wishing tree, go here.}

The typewriter guestbook!! Love this idea! Especially with a vintage themed wedding, this would be incorporated impeccably!

{From Love My Dress}

{From Ruffled Blog}

One of my favorite guest book ideas {my husband & I had one created by our sister(my sister in law)} is the "Leaf Your Thumbprint Wedding Tree"--

{From Jonas Peterson Photography}

{From Taryn Kent Photography}

I realized I don't have a photo from our thumbprint tree but a.s.a.p. I will post it because my sister in law did such a beautiful job painting it & I love it. It was a replica of the tree we got married under with our initials in the bark as well as the entire ceremony background with 2 blue love bird sitting in the tree :)

This is a really fun idea! Guests can draw illustrations and write messages to the couple. After the wedding, the couple can put them together in a book they can keep forever.

picture book ideas:

{From The Knot}

{From Wedding 06 Xanga}

Wedding Scrapbook!

{From Gertrude and Mabel Photography

If you like the traditional guestbook idea, there are a lot of really beautiful and creative guestbooks as well such as:

{From Modern Shabby Etsy Shop}

{From Binding Bee Etyst Shop}

{From Specht Couture Books Etsy Shop}

{From Pretty Bird Studio Etsy Shop}

There are so many different ways you can add unique touches to your wedding day. The guest book is something you can keep forever to remember that special day so get to thinking about what works best for you as a couple and create something extravegant or something simple yet innovative!

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