Monday, January 24, 2011

Cute as a Button

I am helping to plan an outdoor baby shower in July. We aren't sure if the baby is a boy or girl yet so we are just brainstorming different themes that are neutral to both sexes. One theme I think is great is "Cute as a Button."
I have found many ideas to incorporate this theme throughout the baby shower from invitations, decorations, desserts, and more!

Here are some cute "button" invitations I have found:

{From Simplicity Papers Etsy Shop}

{From Frinkinks Etsy Shop}

The Sweetest Occasion}

Here's a baby shower with this theme from Sean Walker Photography

{From The Sweetest Occasion}

How about this adorable button cake? Perfect!!

{From Erica O'Brien Cake Decorator}

Or this adorable cupcake idea? :) I have 2 cupcake towers that I plan on using for the baby shower & these would look perfect arranged on them!

{From Cutest Food}

Or these?

{From Oopsey Daisy}

Button flowers! :)

For the tables, this napkin idea is quite cute! The straws in the mason jars are fun as well!

{From Elite Events}

More cute details:
Baby's name displayed in the colors of the baby shower with buttons? :)

{From Letter Luxe Etsy Shop}

{From Snicker Twins Studio Etsy Shop}

{From Paper Source}
This sign is suuuuper cute :)

{From Snug a Bee Etsy Shop}

Even button thank you cards!

{From Lefft Etsy Shop}

There are so many different ways to create this theme into a baby and can easily be a great DIY event! Many other themes are on our mind as well but this is one of my favorites! More to come :)

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