Monday, February 16, 2015

{Personal} My Secret Garden Themed Baby Shower

About a week ago, I had my baby shower for miss Lyla Rose. It was such a wonderful day and couldn't ask for a better shower! We were so incredibly blessed by our friends and family who came and celebrated the anticipated arrival of our second little love due next month.

Since I can be quite a control freak when it comes to events, I wanted to do the decor for the shower. My mother and mother in law took care of the rest as well as my dear friend Crystal, step mother in law and aunt in law which I am SO thankful for! Since I adore flowers (anyone who knows me or has even seen my shop knows that) I went with a little secret garden theme. I bought a bunch of fresh flowers at the farmers market, lots of antique style keys (thank you Michael's) and borrowed some vintage books from a friend of mine to create the majority of the decor.

The day went by so quickly but I enjoyed every moment of it! It was so good to see so many of those that I love under one roof, play some hilarious games and eat some YUMMY food (deli sandwiches, homemade taco salad, lots of fruits and veggies, bean dip, strawberry lemonade and let's not forget that AMAZING strawberry naked cake!!! I wish I snapped photos of the food-SERIOUSLY!).

Here are some photos of the shower (I wish I had more photos with friends and family but I will share some of the phone pics that were sent to me at the bottom).


Ok, so earlier in the post I mentioned that we played some hilarious games. One of them included a "memory game" where I walked around with a tray of baby items for everyone to see and left the room but instead of being asked questions about what was on the tray, it was questions about mommy (me) such as what color shoes I was wearing, color of nail polish, how many rings, etc. Needless to say, I was snickering in hallway as everyone was confused and making funny comments-Gotcha!

Another game (which was my fav.) involved making a baby in 2 minutes-with play dough. Seeing everyone's babies made me laugh and although there were SO many cute and funny babies, I had to go with a super creative one made by my aunt...the sperm fertilizing the egg. I couldn't resist!!! I laughed so hard...yes, I may be a tad immature then. ;)

More photos from cell phones.
Thank you again to all who came! It truly meant so much!! I love you all. <3
Now, let's try and wait patiently to meet this little lady.

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  1. What a lovely shower theme! I especially like the antique keys.


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