Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Productivity=Sprinkle Donuts + Coffee

Planner by Sugar Paper

Today has been a productive day and yet I can still say, I just woke up from a super quick nap (yawn). With a sprinkle donut and coffee in hand, I took on this morning's tasks that included a bit of training (I have my first creative shop helper), shipped out a couple orders and still working on others. (Since the husband is off work today, he has been amazing in helping watch our son for the first part of the day to crank out the "to-dos". Thank you so much babe!!)

As I sit here, I am reminded of this past Saturday when I attended my second year at the Elevate Blog Conference. Catch up on the first year I attended. It was so inspiring to be immersed in a creative and encouraging environment of unique women-each with their own story.

I am still at a loss of words to share the wonderful day I had but I can't wait to share the experience very soon!
Just a tiny bit of the sweet swag from Elevate. Printable by Bluebirds Creative. Patterned clip by Paperflora.

What does your productive day look like?

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