Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Great Gatsby Inspired Tea Party

Two weeks ago, my best friend since Kindergarten celebrated her 25th birthday-Great Gatsby style. She wanted a tea party with a vintage feel and created just that. With a budget of less than a $100, she pulled off a beautiful and elegant affair with a splash of color and quaint details. 

Although I wasn't able to stay long, I took over the floral details and snapped away on my camera.
There were romantic quotes from the movie, The Great Gatsby nestled into the design which were my favorite part of the decor.

Since my mind was running a million miles an hour that day, I totally blanked on the fact that it was a "1920's tea party" and just brought my "flower garden tea party" attire. Whoops!

It was so good to see friends of mine since I was a little girl and catch up on the latest over delicious food-cauliflower soup with bacon crumbs-YUUUMM and herbal tea.

Here are some pretty details from the tea party.


Happy Birthday once again Crystal!! You are a beautiful woman-inside & out. The Lord has truly blessed you with some amazing gifts and I am so thankful to call you friend.


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