Monday, February 10, 2014

Forget Me Nots {A Recently, Not-So-Recently Post}

I try to post regular "Recently Posts" to remind myself of all of the shenanigans that has happened lately. Unfortunately, I haven't taken the time to document these memories as well as I should have. So, this is a "Forget Me Not Post"-a compilation of several blessings, events and moments from the past month or so.

The husband and I had a date night, in. My father in law watched our son for us as we whipped up another recipe from our cook book we bought recently (remember the first recipe?). We listened to some Frank Sinatra and put our own spin on the ingredients since we didn't have "ziti" pasta, enough arugula and apparently the wrong ricotta cheese was purchased for this dish. As much fun as we had cooking this dinner, I'd love to say that this recipe turned out super delicious but because of our inaccuracy of ingredients, it definitely could have been better (we know for next time).

Nothing beats the time we spent together that night and I'd do it all over again...ingredient mishaps and all.

Mornings in the sunshine with my love bug have been a part of my favorite moments.

I have had the opportunity to have my work featured in my first print magazine. Per request, I shipped a whimsical floral crown from my shop to Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine. "The #1 monthly mag for chic moms-to-be and hot new mamas." I can't wait to see the April issue! Floral crowns are PERFECT for maternity shoots!

I have also had the absolutely amazing opportunity to work with Casey Wiegand. I have been following her blog for quite some time now. She has been such a great inspiration and beautiful role model as a mother and Godly woman. She is just beautiful inside and out!

I sent out a few floral crowns from the new line to her and her precious daughters and she blew me away with her kind words when she first opened her package, "I just had to say THANK YOU!!!!! Oh my heavens, I literally GASPED when I opened your gorgeous box today- AHH! WOW! Seriously WOW! We will get pics asap!...THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! **squeals**"
See more of this post here. Casey's crown-Leigh. Apple's crown-Apple.

Such sweet moments of motherhood!
See more of this post here. Ainsleigh's crown-Ainsleigh. Apple's crown- Apple.

After my friend Tara and I attended Creative Tea Time a few weeks ago, we did something spontaneous on our way home. As we drove on the freeway, we looked to our left and saw a beautifully lit Ferris Wheel and without much hesitation, we got off the next exit (totally unaware of our location) and drove until we saw our destination. We got to see the city lights that night at the top of a giant wheel and it is a memory that will not soon be forgotten.

I was sent a couple handmade bow ties from As Darling Does and I fell in LOVE!! I am so excited to finally have some little boy accessories because they seem hard to come across. Our little man looks so handsome in his spiffy new pieces! I will be featuring this adorable shop with a giveaway so check back VERY soon.

I received some photos from another amazing and happy customer. I love seeing photos of special moments captured with handmade pieces from my craft studio. Thank you so much Hoi! I wish you the very best and a lifetime of happiness in your marriage. <3

Get the lace blusher veil in the shop here.

We went on a late night family trip to one of my favorite burger places-Tommy's! The nearest drive thru is now about 20 minutes away and with a sudden urge for a chili slathered cheeseburger, the husband didn't mind driving. It was a craving worth giving into and on the way back, we belched some good tunes as love bug danced his little heart out in the back seat.

The husband and I snuck out for a little double date night to go bowling with the in laws. I won half of a game and I will take that! ;)

A couple nights ago, I hosted a Valentine-themed girl's night with yummy food, singing in the kitchen (a game of love songs), mimosas, intimate topics and lots of chuckles. 
Thank you Dee Dee Motique for the darling wooden topper!!

The other morning, we woke up as a family and headed to the park for some fresh air. I didn't take any photos because I had put my phone away in attempt to be more "present." I feel like social media and the phone in general can be such a huge distraction throughout your day in this beautiful life given to us. I find myself turning off my phone ringer a lot more now and actually hiding it at times to diminish those unwanted disturbances. I want to make this more of a habit. It can be really hard for me because this is a huge part of work-responding to emails, updating and renewing sold listings, keeping up on social media, etc. but I want to enjoy even the smallest of moments throughout my day. I am making a conscious effort and that's where it starts. 

What do you think about the craze of social media and keeping up on notifications and emails? 

What have you been doing recently my friends?

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  1. What a great night that was as we stopped to enjoy beautiful lights and a giant Ferris wheel. Love this post there were so many inspiring recent activities you have been blessed to be a part of!


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