Friday, January 24, 2014

Pregnancy Redefined my Resolutions-GUTS

A few months ago, I was asked by my dear friend Aurora to write a post for GUTS-Girls Using Their Strength "is a movement dedicated to women of the world making a change through transparency, truth and the love of Jesus." GUTS is curated by empowering stories from women about life, saving grace, struggles, transformations, strengths, dreams, etc. As I read through the words of real women I can relate to, it is SO refreshing and inspiring how the Lord uses each of us to fulfill His purpose!

I was asked to write about Redefining Resolutions and as I started to type, a flood of words started to appear on the screen as I began to share my heart in a way that I didn't initially expect.

I started to share my past goals and new found purpose as I received a positive pregnancy test in March of 2010. I shared the pull I experienced between choosing to be a stay at home mom, continuing nursing school and/or following my creative passion and desires as well as redefining moments.

This is a little piece of my heart:

Pregnancy Redefined my Resolutions on the GUTS blog.


  1. i'm just catching up on your blog and glad i know you in real life. <3


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