Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY 'CREATE' Glitter Banner

This year, I wanted to have a craft studio that inspired me. With a larger space, the creative possibilities are almost endless! 
The word, "create" seems to bring inspiration and I wanted to display it not only for myself but I wanted to share it with a couple of friends as well. So, as a part of a few Christmas gifts, I made some of these "create" banners to serve as reminders throughout this new year.

Here's what you'll need:
*6 pieces of cut (~4"x3") fabric. I used muslin.
*Hot glue
*A scratch piece of paper
*A pencil
*Lace &/or trim (or any other type of ribbon or twine you'd like to hang the letters from)

First, you will lay your cut pieces of fabric out and if you need to, trace your letters onto your fabric (one letter to each piece). Next, take your Elmer's glue or any other white school glue and trace one of your letters you wrote. *If you are confident in your handwriting, you probably don't have draw the letters first with pencil.

Next, pour your glitter carefully over the letter you just drew. Once it is covered, gently pat the excess glitter onto your scratch piece of paper. Set aside to dry.

After your first letter, write your next letter with the glue. You can use the excess glitter from your scratch paper to cover the rest of your letters by creating a small crease in the paper to let the glitter slide down easily. Use the glitter from your jar/tube when needed.
Also, you can use the tip of your pencil to smooth any edges that may be uneven from the glue.

Once all of your lettering is finished, set aside to dry for about 10 minutes or so.

If you are using lace fabric (like I have), you can cut a strip about 1" by 26"-30". Your letters will hang from this strip of lace. If you are using ribbon or trim, just cut it so the length measures about 26"-30".

When your letters are dry, you can now attach your letters to your trim/ribbon. Leave about 3"-4" on the end of your trim and start to glue the top of your letters to the trim about a .5" apart. You can use the white glue if you prefer but I find that hot glue works best for this because it dries much quicker.

If you are using lace fabric, you may see the glue show through so for my solution, I used another lace trim to attach to the top of each letter and folded over.

& your banner is done and ready to hang!
What's your word of 2014?
Have a beautiful New Year! 


  1. Great idea, Kayla! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  2. I love my "create" banner! So inspirational and you always give the sweetest heart felt gifts!! I love you dear friend of mine!! :))

  3. I love banners! These are so adorable. These are so easy... maybe I should make one for my baby! d^_^b

  4. Thanks so much for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday, I featured this on my blog tonight! Come stop by and grab a featured button!


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