Thursday, August 29, 2013

Recently {summer nights, my b-day & our new home!!}

Recently, I have wanted to stay away from blogging and social media. I have actually not been in the greatest of moods since having my first panic attack a few days ago (you can assume why from the bottom of this post). I guess you can say it's been a roller coaster of emotions this past week because although I may not be in the greatest of spirits, some pretty spectacular things have happened!

My birthday was on the 27th and to start off with celebrating, my mother in law love bought us concert tickets to see Brad Paisley this past Saturday! This would be our 3rd country concert within just a couple months. That's a record for us-definitely soaking up that last bit of summer nights. :)
He moved up from the stage and sang a few songs in the crowd. We came SO CLOSE to him!

This same night, this photo shoot was happening with a few of my headpieces. Thanks Kayla for capturing some amazing shots!

Tuesday, was my 24th birthday! My husband made me french toast for breakfast and we went to Panera Bread for lunch where some of my good friends and dear family met up with us. It was so good to see everyone who could show. It was totally last minute and I sincerely appreciate those who took the time to spend my b-day lunch with me.

Afterwards, I went to an antique shop and totally scored on this cute little tea cart for only $13!! I'm going to repaint it and use it as a little end table to go with my pretty chair.

For dinner, I went out with my mom, step father, 2 of my brothers and my "sister" Cheyenne. We went to Chili's where I pigged out on chips and guac, cajon pasta and strawberry lemonade. Of course, the employees also sang happy birthday to me and I received some free ice cream. I don't think I will ever be too old for free ice cream. :)

Best news yet of the week? WE GOT AN OFFER ACCEPTED ON A NEW HOME!! We are now in escrow! I seriously thought it would take like a year to even get a home because this market is a bit crazy for buyers but I'm so thankful we finally got an offer accepted.
A couple days ago, I wrote a letter to God including everything I wanted in a home and he gave us the necessities on the list. All of them. Including a full fruit and veggie garden (which wasn't on the list but it's definitely a PLUS)!
I have so many ideas for our new home. Some work has to be done including new fascia boards and putting in central AC (it's only on swamp). The husband prefers swap since it's cheaper but I'm not about to be dying in the humidity when it rains! Ha!
The first home project? A kitchen makeover with mint colored walls, white cabinets with black knobs (since we have black appliances) and a bit of gold detail. SUPER EXCITED!
With that being said, there will be some future posts on all of the room makeovers including the craft room ::squeal::, play room and dining room as well. :)

Have you ever done a home makeover?
What's your favorite room in your house? 

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  1. Yay! Congratulations. Home ownership is such an awesome thing. My husband and I just sold our house but did a ton of work on it when we first moved in. My blog followed all of our progress as we went. We just bought another house as well. Looking forward to following along on all your home makeovers!


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