Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Dream. Dream Big.

Sometimes, I just dream and when I dream, I tend to dream big. 
When I think about what I'd absolutely love to do in life, if I could, it always has to do with submerging myself into a romantic environment.

I'd love to have a cottage somewhere completely green, ivy growing up walls, beautiful flowers sprouting everywhere including a peony garden (they're my fav) and LOTS of gorgeous trees. There would be a stone walkway leading to a large wooden door and the scent of lavender emerging from within. Not only could I live within this beautiful setting with my husband and child(ren), but I'd also make this little haven a place where couples could get married. There would be a large backyard with dancing meadows in the breeze, a pretty pond that provided a home for gentle Koi fish, twinkle lights strung from tree branch to tree branch and the cutest little arch made completely out of natural wood to say "I DO" under.

This cottage would also have a small detachment which would be my studio/office/boutique where I'd spend my days creating, planning weddings and displaying my pieces within floor to ceiling windows and chiffon drapes.

The sounds of a happy child playing in an enchanting tree house would drift through the windows of the studio giving completion to the creative environment.
Once my husband and I got a little older with a tad bit of wrinkles, we'd move to France (and beg our child(ren) and grandchildren to move there too). We'd live above a beautiful flower shop with windows opening out to see the Eiffel tower in the distance and a balcony with bistro chairs to enjoy our morning coffee and devotion together.

When we would leave our home to visit the nearby market, we'd always walk through the most glorious of scents from the fresh bloom of flowers and say "bonjour" to the ladies displaying pretty arrangements on the store front. Of course, we would know each one by name because I'd spend my weekends with them, playing with flowers.

At night, the sound of the nearby pianist creating peaceful music would lull us to sleep...

What are some of your aspirations, dreams, goals ?


  1. I thought that was our dream. Where was I in all that. :(

    You said it all beautifully, though!! Your an amazing writer and took me to such a place of peace, happiness and all thee above!

  2. I grew up in Antibes, a medium sized town in the South of France. The flower stores are gorgeous, I want to move back :)

  3. Can I move to france with you please?! And these pictures are perfection!!


  4. I love how your dream revolves around your loved ones and the beauty of the Earth, rather than money and status. You seem to have a genuine and sweet soul:)


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