Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm going nude (a nap time mani, new custom order + wedding course update)

The past few days after leaving the hospital from baby Blayze's birth, I've had the stomach flu. I first thought it was food poisoning from the hospital's cafeteria but after my husband came down with it only a few hours after being home, I knew differently. Needless to say, I was in bed all weekend and got a bit behind on a few things.

I am now feeling fully recovered and have been able to knock out quite a bit of things-like a new mani! Here's to nap time manicures with quick drying polish! I am loving the nude color. Simple, natural and hey, it goes with everything!
Polish: NYC-Fashion Safari

I have also caught up on most of my orders and sent out several handmade pretties including this completely custom order. This Canada bride is the sweetest ever and I'm her very first Etsy order (I still remember my first Etsy purchase)! I am so thankful and honored that I was able to work with her.

I created boutonnieres for the guys, corsage pins for the ladies and hair clips for her bridesmaids. I also include a little gift for her since the pieces were for everyone else.
So, I realized after I sent her package off, I didn't take a photo of the 6 boutonnieres all finished! This is all I have (the one on the right isn't 100% complete). There were 5 navy wrapped bouts and one white bout.
Since I want the gift to be a surprise for the bride, I will share what I made her in a later post. ;)

It has been a while since I've shared any updates from the Wedding/Event Planning course that I'm taking but that may be because I haven't really put too much time into it. I have been coordinating a wedding for the past few months amongst lots of other events and projects. Since the wedding was at the end of June, I dived right back into my studies and finished Unit 3 (finally)!
This Unit was all about the photographers, DJs, live music, flowers, honeymoons and travel. Since I've worked with photographers several times whether it be with styled shoots, weddings or other types of collaborations, lesson 10 was my favorite to read because I was really familiar with the content and I absolutely admire photography. 

If you want to cut the costs of your wedding day, DON'T do it with your photography! Those photos will be all that you have to look back on from your big day. There had been countless times that brides have regretted their decision with the photographer(s) or lack thereof. Find someone that you are comfortable with and really love their work because those photos will be your treasures from that special day.

As far as honeymoons go, bridal consultants don't get too involved but it was fun learning about different places to travel and when. Did you know that when it is summer time here in the U.S., it is winter time south of the equator and vice versa? Good thing to know if you are getting married in July and are thinking about going to Tahiti or Bora Bora for your honeymoon. Maybe a second thought?

Unit 4 is up next! I'm about half way done!

If you're a bride or have been a bride, what's the first thing you bought/booked for your wedding day?

I think mine was the venue then the dress...

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  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful work! I run to my mailbox every day excited to see if they've arrived! Thank you for rushing them out and being so great when I made last minute extra orders after you finished the boutonnieres! I'll be sure to ask the photographer to take a picture of the bouts for you. I'm sure they're gorgeous!

    The first thing I bought/booked for the wedding day was the venue because here they book up years in advance! Then for some reason I bought hurricane vases for the centrepieces because they were on a crazy good sale. (Still not quite sure how I'm going to style them)

    Thanks again! :)


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