Friday, March 8, 2013

Wedding Planning course + Floral Design class + ORGANIZING (or an attempt at it)

Lately, I feel as if everything is in a bit of a whirlwind. I have so much to do and yet, as one woman, I wish I can stretch the hours in a day so I can get it all done! It's been such a blessing to get to do what I LOVE to do! I'm seriously so grateful that I can say that I just LOVE my job(s). Even when you are doing something you love though, it's easy to get burnt out when you don't take time out for yourself and your family. It's easy for me to think about EVERYTHING I have to get done instead of taking it a bit at a time. I'm learning.

As you may or may not know, I started my Wedding/Event Planning course recently. I have read the first lesson and I feel like I'm hooked! I haven't even completed any projects for the course just yet but it's sooo exciting to finally start this journey (officially).

What I got from my first dose of content so far, is that I really need to focus on organization. I can be organized in some sense when it comes to certain things, like my shop. I use a white board, a calendar, post its and a filing box but I still feel like I can improve with the shop/blog/etc. I'm not the most organized person all around and when planning events, it's a MAJOR issue. So, I guess I can start a "mid-new years resolution" right? {Get more organized}

I also started my floral design class. It's been quite fun so far BUT hard work as well! I really didn't think it would require so much "knowledge" and patience. Haha! I really do enjoy it though and can't wait to actually experiment with my own designs. So far, you have to do almost EXACTLY what is being instructed. The only experimenting I've had is choosing the colors of the flowers I'd like to work with-and even that is hard when everyone is rushing to pick their fav. first. It's great to learn the basics though which is what I need! Here are the 2 designs I have completed so far:

First week was learning to create bows and creating a single carnation corsage

This past week was creating a symmetrical arrangement of a dozen carnations. I tried to create an ombre effect with it. I gave this to my mother for her birthday today. Happy Birthday Momma!

So on top of 2 new courses, I have my beloved shop to keep up with. It's my pride and joy (other than my sweet, adorable son)! Today, I started a few new organizing projects in my craft room and first was my huge box of shipping confirmation receipts and purchase receipts from etsy.
That was organized to a T. Promise.

I also have my white board of orders to complete. I really haven't seen it completely WHITE in a LONG time! As soon as I finish an order, another arrives! It's amazing! 

With that, add the items I need to get done for the craft show in Long Beach, the giveaway items for the Elevate Conference and the new business cards I need to get done by next month.

I feel like I need an assistant at times. I know several handmade business owners that seem to be able to do it all! They are like super people I swear! lol If you are one of those, please tell me how you do it! :)

Anyway, like I said, it all seems to be a bit of a whirlwind right now and yet somehow, this little baby makes it all better. At least temporarily. :)

There's my busy self in a nutshell right now. How do you de-stress? Do you have any great organizing tips to share? :)

Have a beautiful night friends!


  1. My oh my you have been one busy women. Flowers and planning plus everything else! I wish I could do so much. The flowers for your mom look beautiful. Don't get too overwhelmed with all you are doing.


    1. Yes, it's a lot I admit. I am working on trying to schedule things so I'm not so overwhelmed. Truth is though, I don't know how to NOT be busy. I have always had something to do and when I don't think I have anything to do, I tend find something or several things. I am trying to work on scheduling so I don't get so overwhelmed. :)

  2. hey pretty! i nominated you for a versatile blogger award! follow this link for what to do:

  3. just became your newest follower via aloha friday and i am obsessed. first of all, your layout is gorgeous as are you! second, your life may be a whirlwind but it truly is what i like to call a beautiful mess at that. the floral arrangements and wedding planning and etsy shop and tea parties (and that's just this weeks posts!) are all so full of life and charm. a quote that always helps me when i wish i had more time is: "dont say you dont have enough time. you have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to helen keller, michaelangelo, mother teresa, leonardo da vinci, thomas jefferson, and albert einstein" (and beyonce, because lets face it that woman belongs on this list she is a one woman show). hope that helps! and a good five minutes of meditation to find your center never hurts (just type "five minute guided meditation" in youtube). cant wait to read more xo

  4. I love your blog, following now! Stay in touch xx

  5. Hi there! you're super busy!! I'm taking my first event planner class this week and my sewing course is going from good to better! i'm looking forward to show some creations!
    I simply love the flowers for your mum's birthday! i'll keep following your cute projects!


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