Monday, March 11, 2013

AOSA Project Event from Saturday night

I have been hearing about a store called AOSA Project and Alissa from Rags to Stitches had posted about an event the store was having to launch their new site. It looked really cool (plus, there was dessert) and since it was in Huntington Beach (which isn't too far of a drive), my friend Crystal and I packed up and headed to HB this past Saturday.

At first, we were just supposed to drive down and then come right back home after the event but right before I was supposed to leave, I booked us a hotel room so we didn't have to drive back home so late. Let's just say, this is where good ol' spontaneity comes in for a good night! Once we arrived to our hotel though, it was a wardrobe catastrophe in many ways and we ended up with all of our clothes out of our bags and spread out on the bed. From "what to wear" chaos to a bad hair day to then getting lost and driving all over the place to find the shop, we finally pulled it together when we arrived. A glass of wine and yummy chocolate was waiting for us and it felt like fate after the first taste!

Once I "de-stressed" and really looked around, it was absolutely amazing inside! The atmosphere was so calming, natural and beaming with "BUY ME" voices all around. Jonathan Kraina also added to the soothing vibe as he played guitar and sang his little heart out. That guy has talent!

Walking around the racks, every piece of clothing felt so soft to the touch and the accessories were all made with lots of care and love. One of the brands, Bird of Virtue is made up of all hand-carved wood. They create beautiful necklaces and earrings that are so unique!

Another brand that I loved and saw for the first time was 31BITS. The designers of these stunning jewelry pieces are all women from Northern Uganda who use their creative abilities to help rise above poverty.
There were so many great pieces at AOSA Project and I walked away with some of their vintage pieces including a tee-shirt maxi dress and a PRETTY tattered sweater. I will share these treasures a little later. :)
We also left with really cool swag bags that included some great gifts such as TOMS merchandise, wood prints from Emily Boelsems, a discount for Cristina Robeck Photography and a pretty pink bracelet by 31BITS.

The event was so much fun (THANK YOU to the ladies who helped put it together) and I was really excited about meeting some other fellow bloggers such as Alissa from Rags to Stitches, Jackie from Jackie's Beauty Guide and one sweet photographer Cristina Robeck! I definitely want to go back and visit this little shop again but in the mean time, I can just shop online at!
Here are some photos of the night. I wish I could have taken more but with holding a clutch under one arm, hanging purchases from the other arm, a glass of wine in my right hand, chocolate and fruit in the left hand and a camera around my was hard to juggle and take lots of photos at the same time! Hehe


(Yes, this is supposed to be upside down.)

Annnnddd here are some silly photos we took when we arrived back at the hotel. I realize that some may be too embarrassing to post but we have a funny/weird/strange/hilarious side so why not? :)

What did you do this past weekend?


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