Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Opinions on new framed glasses please? :)

I need your help guys! I am in need of a new prescription pair of glasses but I'm not sure which pair would look the best on me. I have worn glasses for about 10 years now and getting a new pair of glasses always seems like such a change. Not only am I able to see the world around me in a whole new light ("I can see clearly now the rain is gone...I can see all the obstacles in my way...") but I also seem to look a little differently when I set those new frames on my nose! :)
So, here's the challenge, I am looking at the different pairs of eyeglasses from to see which look the best on me. They make it easy to do with their virtual mirror feature! You can "try on" a pair of glasses by viewing them on a photo of yourself! Cool right?

Here are a few glasses frames that I love! Which eye glasses do you think look the best?

These are the Vintage pair:

These are the Reece Jakob pair: `

These are the Tiffany pair:

Which of the 3 frames do you like best? :)

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You can try their Virtual Mirror yourself right here!
**This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own and I really do need your opinions as well!**


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