Thursday, January 17, 2013

An idea for EVERY bride!

There are so many weddings in 2013! It can be so much fun planning for your wedding day and getting all of the details together. When I was planning my wedding back in 2010, I would be on the internet for hours looking at different ideas and finding any advice I can. There are thousands of pages with advice from wedding dresses, cake flavors, flowers that are in season-to-coordination, timelines and gifts to give to the bridesmaids. Most of all of this information can be overwhelming and tedious to go through and pick and choose what you want to incorporate.

Today though, I want to share an idea that EVERY bride should take into consideration.
Really think about what scent you will be wearing on your wedding day. Choose a perfume that you absolutely love (and hopefully your groom will love as well)!
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This may seem silly and insignificant when there are SOOO many other details to worry about when it comes to one of the biggest days of your life BUT there's a GOOD reason behind this idea!

Scents are powerful memory triggers! Have you ever smelled something that automatically made you recall something from your past such as warm chocolate chip cookies bringing you back to your grandmothers house? The olfactory nerve (the nerve associated with your sense of smell) is located very close to areas of your brain that are linked with emotions and memory. The scent that you wear on your wedding day will bring back those beautiful romantic memories when you smell that same scent afterwards.

When I said "I Do" about 2 1/2 years ago, I was wearing Sexy Little Things Noir from Victoria's Secret. On special occasions, I bring out that black glass bottle and squeeze the pretty tasseled bulb on the end, sending droplets of sweet memories into the air.
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What scent did you wear on your wedding day and if you are planning your wedding, what scent will you wear?


  1. I wore givenchy ange ou demon. Love that I had a wedding scent! Such a great idea because when I wear it (special occasions ) it reminds me of our day!

  2. I don't remember what I was wearing!!!!! :| it was probably Estee' Lauder's Pleasures... I don't even remember what I ate.. :)

  3. I'm getting married in May - great suggestion!!


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