Sunday, December 30, 2012

SNEAK PEEK of a NEW scarf coming this week + 2 NEW bridal veils added to the shop!

Want to know what will be arriving to the shop SOON (as in, this coming week)?
New ruffled bow scarves!
These are SUPER comfy and soft!
What do you think and what colors would you like to see them in?
I personally, adore them already and can't wait to crank out lots more!
Until then, I have 2 scarves left as of right now and they are on SALE!
Go check them out right here.
This week I added 2 new bridal veils to the shop!
Come take a peek!

This piece is a double layered blusher veil made with french veiling, tulle and beautiful detailed lace with beading. I am in love with this look and right now, there are only 2 available!
Want to see more details and purchase this lovely veil?
Go see it in the shop here.
This second veil is quite unique and versatile. It is made with tulle and a pretty detailed chain applique with beading and rhinestones. I really love that there are different ways to wear this piece. Some different ways are shown but the possibilities exceed them.
For more details and to purchase this veil, go see it in the shop here.
I really love the mini "blusher" veils but I want to make a long veil soon. I haven't taken on that project just yet but if anyone is interested in a long veil, I could take it on much sooner.
OH! Exciting news! A few days ago, I got a surprise email from a writer over at Pretty Pear Bride Magazine telling me that my rustic boutonniere is featured in the magazine on page 65. It's my first magazine feature and you can see it right here! So thankful for all the support I get from you guys and others. It makes it all the more worth-while to continue to do what I love!
Have a beautiful night everyone.
"...For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” -Luke 18:14


  1. oooo these veils make me excited for my upcoming wedding!!

  2. Love love love the scarf! And congrats on the magazine feature~ that's so exciting!

  3. I absolutely Loveeeeee the scarf! And I'm so excited for your magazine feature, I know you have worked so hard and to see this wonderful reward, it's amazing.


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