Sunday, November 11, 2012

{Treasures} I Found at the Antique Store!!

This weekend, one of the local antique shops was having a huge sale that also included some raffle tickets, giveaways, a band, free lunch, and coffee and tea to sip while shopping. I seriously could have stayed there alllll day! I told myself that I wasn't going to spend a bunch of money and I'm pretty proud of myself that I kept my word
(or at least I like to think I did).

Here are the treasures that I found!!

This little wooden birdcage has such a pretty clock built in. When I bought this, it was originally a blue color but I painted it today as my little project. After trying to figure out what color I really wanted, I ended up painting it ivory and distressing it a bit with sand paper. I love the way it turned out! I also covered up this weird symbol on the clock with a little black heart.
Much cuter. :)

This is what it looked like when I started painting it. The original color was that blue you can sort of see and I was deciding on brown for the new color too but didn't like it as much as the ivory.
This is another birdcage I found that I fell in LOVE with! No painting or changes need to be done with this one.
It is perfect! :)
I found this really pretty vintage flower brooch that will look so lovely pinned to my fall jackets and sweaters this season. 
Don't you think? 
Now this piece is really quite interesting because I don't think that it is really meant to be a crown but I'm going to use it as one! lol At the end of the month, I'm styling an "enchanting/fairytale" wedding inspired shoot and for a couple of the photos, I thought this would look cool on "prince charming" (the groom). So, I decided that to me, it is indeed-a crown! :)
The last item that I got was a vintage travel suitcase. I think it is so adorable and can be used in many ways (I love old suitcases-especially when they are used as decor for events and such).
You know what my favorite part is? I got all of these pieces for $41!
 Not bad right? 

What are your favorite items that you have found while in antique shops or thrift shops?


  1. What great finds and what a steal for $41!!!

  2. Love that crown! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Found your blog through Why Girls Are Weird & am so glad I did!! Love your shop & can't wait to see what you post next-- most happy to be a new GFC follower!

  4. I've always considered antique-ing an art form. One I was never good at!! Love your finds!

  5. Oh I love that bird cage and crown...great finds!


  6. I am so excited to swap ornaments with you! Look at all the awesome items you found! Amazing! I am never that lucky! Also, my wedding date is June 14th :)


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