Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY projects for a vintage circus themed party!

My son's first birthday party is coming up the first week of December and ever since he was 5 months old, I have been planning and buying for this big day! I'm quite excited and although he probably won't remember his 1st birthday, I will, and I will make sure there are LOTS of photos that will be taken! :)

When I was pregnant, I wanted to do a vintage circus theme for Levi's birthday once I found out we were having a boy. I'm pretty big on party planning (I want to eventually get into wedding and party planning) so I started knocking out projects that went with this theme.

Here are a few that I wanted to share.

I used this diy tutorial to create this light-up number ONE for decor. I still don't know where it will go but hey, it's really cool right? It is made from a foam board ($1 store), red poster board ($1 store), red paint, & christmas lights!

I bought these cool vintage-themed circus animal cards in the dollar bin at Michael's (along with a lot of other circus finds that will also be used) and since they were blank inside, I was able to create a personalized template for his invites. I used inspiration from this template to create my own version for his invitations.
Last night, I made my son's birthday shirt using a plain white onesie, polka dot fabric for his bow tie, 3 vintage buttons, and black elastic to make his "suspenders." I LOVED the way it turned out! Too, bad, I'm pretty sure it won't last long seeing how he dirtys his clothes everyday but what's a baby to do! :)
My grandmother gave me a large box so I can make a little ticket booth which will serve as a photostation for the kids. I have a bunch of animal face masks and moustache's that they can play with and take photos with as well. I can see the silly photos now! lol I used streamers to add the color to the box because I really didn't feel like painting. I also printed the word "TICKETS" using a cool font and cut them out (with the help of my dear friend-Debra) & pasted them to the box. I'm still working on the ticket booth...but you get the idea!
Now, today, Levi is getting his birthday photos taken by my father in law-amazing photographer of GP McCash Photography so we can put them in the invitations when they go out. I started setting up a little prop station in our house for his photos and this is what we have so far. :) I made a little bunting to go with it all.
I have sooo many more projects and ideas underway and I can't wait to see it all unfold on the big day!! YAAY!


  1. I can't get over how ridiculously adorable this entire theme is! I can't believe everything was so cheap and easy to put together. I died a little seeing the picture of him in the ticket booth. :)


  2. Oh my goodness... you are doing such a great job! I love that little ticket booth for photos! That light is amazing. I keep seeing tutorials for them and just get intimidated. Great job-- can't wait to see more. I found you through a link party.

  3. Ah this is all so cute, you're doing such a great job!


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