Sunday, August 19, 2012

{DIY Tutorial: from buttons to earrings!}

It's so sad that I have not been able to blog lately and it will be like this for some time since starting nursing school. :( I am sorry for absence but I have to set my priorities in order and blogging isn't on the top of the list. I have also put my etsy shop on vacation a few weeks ago because of my hectic schedule but I plan on opening it up again-hopefully soon.

Today though, I wanted to share an easy DIY tutorial to create some pretty earrings because I just made these and you can to!
I went to Joann's and grabbed a bunch of buttons which were half off and since I don't sew too many things that require buttons, I wanted to transform these into something else. So, I figured these could be some really great earrings. 

With that thought, I also bought some flat earring posts and backs.
First, I took the backs of the "buttons" off using heavy duty cutters.

Then, I glued the earring posts to the backs of the "buttons" using E-6000.

I then let them dry, and TA-DA!
A pair of earrings!
Simple as that.

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