Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{HAPPY Thoughts Tuesday}

Happy Thoughts Tuesday!
Ok, so I made this theme up for today but I totally saw some photos that made me smile and wanted to share the {happiness}!
Maybe this will be a new weekly post for me because who couldn't use a dose of smiles?

This photo is what first inspired me!
How cute are these {Apple Smiles}?
I found them on Pinterest and had to repin! How can you not smile when you look at them? lol
This really is true! Being a nursing student and learning how intricately detailed our bodies are and how we stay alive without even thinking about it amazes me! I mean, God designed our bodies to keep our hearts pumping, gathering and exchanging oxygen by breathing, filtering toxins throughout our kidneys, the list goes on and on and we don't have to think about any of this! Every little thing works together so perfectly (hopefully) so that we can enjoy a beautiful spring day! :) Life truely is pretty AMAZING!
Watermelon Baby! I had to chuckle!! I wonder what this kid will think when he sees this photo 20 years from now? :D
Coffee in the morning! COMPLETE HAPPINESS :D
It's crazy how life changes. 5 years ago, I didn't think I would be where I am now but that's because our "plans" are according to Christ. No matter how hard we try to make everything go OUR WAY, sometimes our paths aren't what we thought and we find that we ultimately wanted something entirely different. :)
Dancing in a sunflower field with the sun kissing your face?
& last but not least... DOGGIE SMILES :D
This dog exudes happiness!! LOL
{Have a BEAUTIFUL & HAPPY day!}

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kayla! Those apple smiles are too cute! and they look fun and easy to make. That watermelon baby....haha it's too much! Take care :)


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