Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For the LOVE of scarves! :D

This morning has been another one of those crafting days! Yesterday, I went to the fabric store {for hours!!} and bought lots of new fabrics to create some scarves! I love love love scarves and I figured, why not make them if I adore them so much?! So, I did just that! Well, I made one so far...but I have sooo many different ideas that I want to create but for now, I need to just take one scarf at a time! :)

Here's my first, and only scarf done so far.


I created this infinity scarf using 70.5" of Magenta Wool Blend fabric to keep you extra toasty this chilly season. I also used 2 strips of 9.5" of Crochet Lace & a fabric flower made of muslin with gold shimmer and a vintage-inspired button for the center.

For the flower-- I cut & folded the fabric to create "petals" and then hand-sewn them to the magenta scarf. Then, I took extra magenta fabric and sewn that to the middle followed by a pearl button!

You can wear this scarf in several different ways & here, I have showed a couple ways:

I will be creating many more scarves to come and they will {SOON} be available at the Love Sparkle Pretty Etsy Shop!

Also coming soon...

{Have a beautiful day!}

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