Monday, September 19, 2011


This past weekend I was a lucky girl to have had the opportunity to create bouquets & boutonnieres for a beautiful wedding! They weren't the average floral arrangements though, they were made entirely out of white feathers--Goose Biots, Saddle Feathers, Marabou Feathers, Turkey Feathers, and Rooster Tail Feathers made up the galore of feathery creations!! The bride and her mother contacted me about a month ago in hopes that I can create their vision of an all feather bouquet and from there came we came up with the ideas for the rest of the wedding party! The color theme was black and white with hints of red and zebra print for the wedding and I used the zebra print in the brides bouquet as well as the grooms boutonniere to match.

The brides bouquet was the largest and most extravagant of all which is definitely suitable for her big day right? :) I also included crystals around the bouquet which are subtle but gorgeous in the sunlight!

I also made a mini version of the brides bouquet (without crystals) for the toss to all of the single ladies :)

For the maid of honor's bouquet, an all white color theme was chosen to go with her black and zebra print dress :)

The boutonnieres were chosen to be worn by the brides father, best man, & of course-the groom! :)

By the time I was done with all of these pieces, I looked like a "plucked turkey" according to my husband! :) The view of me sitting in a chair with white feathers on the floor all around me and the feathers sticking to my shirt, my hair, & who knows where else is pretty funny to think about but even though it was messy, it was so much fun to do! Thank you again Carrie & Samantha for giving me the opportunity to create cherished pieces for the beautiful wedding! I wish Samantha and Joey the best!
{With the permission of the bride, I will also post pictures of the wedding day with all of the bouquets and boutonnieres soon! :)}

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