Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sneak Peek at New Line of Hairpieces

I am planning a new line of hairpieces that will be coming out soon (was hoping by the end of the month but due to summer school, early September is the new date). This means that the styled photo shoot I am planning will have to be postponed but I will keep updating when I find out more :)
Here is a sneak peek at two brand new hairpieces I have created (full details can be seen when the new line is officially out!!


  1. Okay, if one of us ever becomes famous, I'll be sure to mention you as an inspiration in fashion! :) Love all your stuff!

  2. Gosh kayla i looovvveeee the pee cock hair piece! i want one!

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  4. I tried to describe it to you krystle when I bought the feathers but now you know what I was trying to say lol

    and thank you! Gessenia :)


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