Monday, July 11, 2011

New Update on Photo Shoot!

Ok, we (the photographer & I) have decided on the date & location of the upcoming styled photo shoot for my new line of hairpieces!

Date & Time:
August 18, 2011
@ 5pm

Heart Rock
Crestline, Ca

In the meantime, I will be continuing to create more hairpieces and buying props for the shoot!

Props needed list:

[ ] blanket
[X] vases
[X] fresh flowers
[ ] vintage books
[ ] wooden frames
[X] Love Sparkle Pretty frame
[ ] folding table
[ ] table cloth
[X] doilies
[ ] paper straws
[ ] glass coke bottles
[ ] bubbles
[ ] old suitcase
[X] teacups
[ ] folding chairs

...& I'm sure there's more I will add to the list :)

Again, if you would like to help with the shoot either by modeling, styling, prop changes, etc...please message me on facebook :D
p.s. lunch will be provided!

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