Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where it all started

So this is the first of many more posts to come with Love Sparkle Pretty.

My creativity has run wild ever since planning mine and my husband's Aug. 6, 2010 wedding. With just about an entire DIY wedding and planning such a big event, I feel as if creating & designing has become much more than a task-it has become something that I actually fell in love with!

My inspiration comes from just about anywhere: beautiful photography including that of weddings and other events, DIY projects posted by many other "right side of brain thinkers," clothing {especially dresses!!} and accessories, magazines, antique shops {love! love!} home improvement galleries, and sometimes I draw the best of my projects from my own ideas & thoughts.

Where it all started:Our wedding day was one of the best days & most memorable days of my life :)

Planning it on the other hand, was one of the most stressful times as I recall with 8 months to plan, little money, and on top of it-going to school full time and working! Sometimes I don't even know how I managed to do it all!! Without the help of a few very important people, I don't think I would have completed everything that I had wanted to and stayed moderately sane through it all! Lol

Looking back though, the experience gave me something that I don't think I would have really realized if I hadn't done all of it myself--and that's the new found love of creative designing :)From flower hair pieces to boutonnieres, necklaces to bouquets, centerpieces to banners, candy buffet table to painting a sailboat, creating moss initials to painting a wedding sign, invitations to the creative response display....the list goes on and on...and on!!!

The invitations and details card were actually created by TickledInk but our theme came from our invitations--SUMMER LOVIN'

Our cake was also inspired by our invitations:
Our cake topper was a pair of kissing blue birds with our initials in them:)

More projects I created:

A boutonniere I made for the Dads and grandpas:

one of several different boutonnieres I made with each one being a little bit different to match the bridesmaids hair pieces

Made the Mothers and Grandmothers wrist corsages which were each a little different from eachother yet still similar

Making the moss initials...this was messy project I must say!

Painting wooden table numbers to go with the centerpieces as well as painting letters for our chalkboard signs:

Since the wedding, I have been creating so much more--such as pillow covers, more hair pieces and even designing clothing and cute clutches!!

I'm also helping friends and family plan their weddings and even baby showers!!!

Now that you know where I started, upcoming posts are going to be all about inspiration, my new projects, events that I'm designing or helping to design, ideas for anything DIY, as well as the opening of my new shop on SOON!!! Enjoy.


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