Tuesday, January 13, 2015

{Personal} 30 Week Bump Update

I can't believe it's been 30 weeks already that I've cradled our little lady inside of my womb. Where has the time gone? I woke up yesterday morning realizing that I've been in my third trimester for a couple weeks now and I haven't taken very many photos during my pregnancy with our love, Lyla Rose. Time is going so quickly and although I can't wait to kiss her little face, I want to enjoy these present moments with her because I'm going to miss this.

I want to savor as many little kicks and nudges, sporadic hiccup episodes, waves across my belly and even the still moments as she rests within me. Truth is, tomorrow isn't promised to anybody and I am thankful each day that I have this sweet baby to carry as well as my 3 year old son to cuddle and my husband to hold. Life is entirely too short to let the present pass you by as you anticipate and wish for the future.

I love you so much already little lady. So much that it makes my heart hurt. I pray for a purposeful and completely spirit lead life for you. I pray you love unconditionally just as the Lord loves you and you know that you are worthy of so much more than what the world may have you believe. You are intentionally created and I will forever be grateful for your precious little being.

Daddy, Brother and I are so excited to meet you and kiss you for the first time when you decide you are ready. <3


  1. Wonderfull I love the pictures <3

    Best Jacky

  2. These photos are so beautiful! I can't imagine how anxious and excited you all must be. Such a special time <3


  3. Those are beautiful photos :-) I never really did a maternity shoot with any of my 3 pregnancies.


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