Monday, October 6, 2014

{Personal} 16 Week Bump + A Handmade Pretty Kimono

These past few weeks have been full of more energy than I even know what to do with. For example, the other night, I was awake until 11pm making bow ties for a friend's baby just because and when I finally made myself go to bed, I woke up at 3am thinking about baby stuff-what kind of crib we should get, the colors to paint the walls, baby shower details (which by the way isn't until February), etc. I had to drink some chamomile tea and read the bible to make myself go back to bed somewhere around 4:30am. Have any "good nights rest" tips??

The nesting is getting absurd too. Sanitizing every single cubbard and washing shower curtains??? I'm only 16 weeks along!!! What am I turning into? 

Can't complain though, at least I feel good.

By the way, see this amazing kimono I am wearing? It is handmade by the sweetest girl, Lexi of The Lovely Sewjourner. She's been sewing for a while now making these pretty pieces for friends and family and finally opened her Etsy shop back up!! She has over 50 fabrics to choose from so you know you can get the perfect print(s) for your wardrobe!!

Here's to another productive week!

Any pregnancy stories that you'd like to share that I can read if I wake up again at 3am? Oh please, oh please?!! ;)


  1. Omg your little bump is so cute. I feel like my mind does not stop at all also, so many things to think about!

  2. Seriously your bump is adorable!
    When I was pregnant it was the same thing, only I would stay up wondering how in the heck I was gonna push a baby out of me. Lol Not really an interesting pregnancy story, but a true one :)


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