Monday, August 11, 2014

Top 5 Occasions to wear a Floral Crown

If you follow along via Instagram or saw this previous post, you know that I am currently on a month long shop vacation. I am still sending out previous orders that were put in before the vacay but the work is dwindling down and my goal is to be completely done by the end of this week!

Last month, I shared a list with my monthly newsletter subscribers. I thought that this list of styling tips and occasions to wear a floral crown deserved to be on the blog as well. I know that the shop is currently not taking any new orders but as soon as September rolls around, you can certainly purchase one (or more) of these pretty crowns described!

Here is my Top 5 Occasions to wear a Floral Crown list. Enjoy.

We all know the floral crown trend is certainly a popular one but if you don't think wearing flowers in your hair is an everyday wardrobe "must", then wear them on these occasions:

1) Weddings. Whether you are a bride who wants to wear something a little more organic and non-traditional or a guest of a wedding, floral crowns are the perfect accessory piece to your attire.
If you are a bride, you can be as elaborate as you want with your floral collection (such as the "Everly Crown") or as subtle as you'd like (such as the "Juliet Crown").
As a guest, if you are going to wear lots of flowers in your hair, pair your crown with a simple silhouette and soft colors. If you want to wear something a little more bold, pair your outfit with a dainty crown such as the "Ivory & Gold Crown". 

2) Music Festivals & Concerts. It's always fun to dress up a bit to relax and listen to some good tunes-especially during these summer nights. Try pairing the "Daisy Crown" with a lace tank and jean shorts or a light and flowing summer dress.

3) Birthday Party. Having one of your big celebrations coming up and want to stand out a bit from your guests? Adorn yourself with an array of blossoms to compliment your birthday dress and party on!
Another great idea is to gift the birthday girl a crown (try the "Leigh Crown" or the "Colette Crown"), arrive early to the party so she can unwrap your gift, give you BIG hugs for giving her such a pretty present and wear it for the rest of her party as her birthday crown!

4) The fair. With so many summer fairs going on, why not add a fun piece to your day out riding carousels, eating fried foods and playing fun games?!

5) Photo shoots. Are you engaged? Having an anniversary? Welcoming a new baby to the world? Or wanting to update the wall of family photos in the hallway? Photo shoots are a lovely way to celebrate these new memories and adding flowers to your attire and even your little one's hair makes a photo even more interesting and beautiful. Many people think that they will only wear a crown once but with so many different milestones in life, you can wear your floral crown(s) from Love Sparkle Pretty over and over again!

Have more ideas to add to the list? Send them to We will be compiling another list on the blog soon and would love to add yours!!

Some of the featured crowns in this post:

The Daisy Floral Crown (Photo Credit: Kayla V Photography)

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