Thursday, July 24, 2014

Creative Live + My Trip to the Frisco Bay

 Last week, I hopped on an airplane with my friend Tara from Laila's Charming Pieces to be a part of the Creative Live studios in San Francisco. If you haven't heard of Creative Live, it's an amazing site full of workshops for the creatives including makers, photographers and business folks. They provide live broadcasts for free where you can learn SO MUCH and even purchase classes to re-watch whenever you want. Seriously great stuff!

Tara and I headed up there Thursday night (7/16) and finally arrived in our bed a little past midnight after a flight delay, shuttle delay and late check-in but alas, we made it to San Fran!!

The next morning, we headed to the Creative Live studios for the following three days to be a part of the Marketing for Creatives workshop with Tara Swiger. Each day, we were at the studio from 8am-4pm for the workshop which was filled with learning, lots of thinking and a ton of work. I am so thankful that I did this though because it really made me think about what I want out of my business and write it down to make it concrete rather than put all of that work and pondering off like I usually do.

There was so much that I learned and many thoughts that ran through my mind once I left this class!

Before you read up on all the info in the posts linked above, scroll through all of the photos below as I share some of the memories we captured while in the studio and in San Francisco.

Here's a peek of our trip behind the lens.

Some of the great people we had lunch with each day.

Each day, CL catered our breakfast and lunch. So yummy! Our lunch each day was total "San Francisco" food. If you've ever been to San Fran, you understand what I mean.

Just one of the yummy meals I ate at the studio. I looked forward to breakfast every morning while I was here!

This is where we spent most of our time. The CL studio alone was so inspiring!

Each evening, after the workshop, Tara and I headed out to eat some dinner and explore as much of the city we could before heading back to our room to finish up "homework". These are glimpses of our evenings.
We ate at Chez Maman for our first dinner and had truffle Mac n' Cheese and shared a cheeseburger. I paired it with a glass of Sangria. "When in Rome" right?

We later walked by the beautiful city hall.

Cartwheels and the Golden Gate Bridge. I've done my job here.

Because sometimes, you just have to be silly.

After wrapping up the second day of the workshop, Tara and I headed out on the town to grab some dinner. When I got into the Uber, there was a rose on my seat! I'm sure it was left by accident from the previous passengers but none the less, I was appreciative and it made my day.

Later, I left it on a bench along the bay to make someone else smile.
Almost got hit taking this photo...

On the last evening we had here, we headed to Peet's Coffee to try their vanilla lattes for the first time. We bonded as friends do over coffee as we sipped our cups of warm goodness. We had a long talk filled with laughter (starting with the realization that there were little embryos in wombs pictured on the top of our lattes-you have to look closely). We also had some tears as we shared our struggles with motherhood and what we want out of our handmade businesses and trying to do it all

So thankful we can share these moments.

The last day of filming had come to an end at Creative Live. The producers, camera crew, audio guys, the live audience- everyone was SO incredible and AWESOME!! We had a great few days here! So grateful for this experience.
That's a wrap!!

Read about what I learned from this experience as a small biz owner as well as a stay at home momma and wife.

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  1. A little late catching up on my blog reading, but LOVE this behind the scenes peek. {Great photos!} I hope to be able to visit CL in person myself one day. <3


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