Thursday, May 29, 2014

Photo shoot for re-branding + stepping out of my comfort zone

This past weekend, I chose to step out of my comfort zone and in front of a camera...with another eye looking through the lens. I'm not sure why but I get really nervous when people take photos of me by myself. I just feel awkward and all I want to do is a silly face because at least I'm purposefully going to look funny right?

Well, I have been meaning to update my photos on the blog and website for a while now so I enlisted the help of Kayla from Kayla V Photography. I've worked with her on several styled shoots (her work is featured all over my blog & online shop) and I love her aesthetic of photography. If anyone can make me feel a little more at ease in front of the camera, it would be her and that's exactly what happened!

When she sent me these photos, I was so excited that I seriously squealed! Yes, we may have been kicked out of our first location (closed park) and I may have been caught on barbed wire more than once but I'm so happy that I took that little leap and let her snap away. THANK YOU SO MUCH KAYLA!!

Here are just a handful of photos from the photo shoot.

A few of these pretty supplies will be used to create the new bridal line debuting this Summer!

See more of this shoot on the Kayla V Photography blog

Featured Floral Crown: "Leigh" Crown from the shop


  1. Ummmm Hello GORGEOUS! These are amazing. I would never have known you were nervous.

  2. Amazing shooting!! Super good job girls ^_^

  3. Wow - you look incredible! Kayla is clearly an amazing photographer too. Amazing shoot! :D

    Technicolour Dreamer


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