Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIY: At Home Steamed Lavender Facial

If I were to guess was heaven smelled like, I think it would smell of Lavender-the most relaxing, therapeutic and enchanting aroma I've ever encountered. Needless to say, it is my favorite scent that takes me to childhood memories where stress and worries didn't exist.

Yesterday, I visted my grandmother for a bit and before leaving, she snipped handfuls of fresh Lavender from her garden for me to take home. I love to have bundles of it throughout our humble abode where you can catch a lingering scent from any room in the house. I also like to use it in my weekly steamed facials to unwind from a busy schedule.

Here's what I do to create a quick and relaxing steamed facial right at home.

I use a 3-qt saucepan (large enough for the round of my face), place about 4 cups of warm water in the saucepan along with about 6 sprigs of fresh or dried Lavender (I've also used rose petals). Heat the water and Lavender to a simmer-just until you can see steam coming from the pan. Do not let it boil. Once you can see steam, turn off the heat.
Place a CLEAN face carefully about 6" away from the rim over the pan. Remember that the pan is HOT so do not touch it by any means. Use a small towel to drape over your head and around the pan to trap the steam inside. If the steam is too hot, drift further away from the pan until it feels right. Let the steam embrace your skin for about 10 minutes (you may need to take a little break in between if the steam is too much at once). During this time, the steam will open your pores and cleanse your face of impurities and the scent of the Lavender will relax you as you drown out the days to-do list.

Once you are done, cleanse your face with your usual face wash and add just a bit of baking soda (I use ~1 tsp. because I have sensitive skin) to act as a natural exfoliant.

Your skin will feel so soft afterwards and you will feel rejuvinated! Remember to drink planty of water as well throughout the day.

How do you unwind at the end of the day?

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  1. Oh wow, this is so easy! I want to try this. Thanks for posting this. :D


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