Friday, March 28, 2014

My True Passion and the Number ONE Reason Why I Do What I Love

I have been very blessed to be able to follow a true passion and do what I love. Not only do I love the pieces I create but the number ONE reason why I continue to cultivate my creative outlet behind Love Sparkle Pretty, is because of my AMAZING and WONDERFUL customers. I continue to get heart-felt messages from happy people as well as pretty photos of pieces that I have had the privilege to create for them-whether it be for one of the most important days of their lives or an accessory to make someone feel special everyday.

I just wanted to share just a few customer photos that have been sent to me personally via email or via hashtag #lovesparklepretty.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

This sweet little gal is wearing the Ainsleigh Crown from the shop.

"GORGEOUS! I took it straight out of the box and to a session. I can't wait to use it again...I am in LOVE with it." -Ashton

Hoi-a bride from NY wearing the lace double blusher veil for her September wedding.

"Love my veil! It looks 100x better in person. I took a leap of faith ordering my Veil w/o seeing it in person and so glad I did. Kayla is quick to reply to messages and friendly. It came super quick to boost! Can't wait to wear it on my wedding day. Will send you pictures after the wedding. Thx Kayla :)"

Jennifer-SUCH a sweet bride from Canada whom I had the pleasure to create custom hairpieces and boutonnieres for the entire bridal party. I was her very first order on Etsy so I surprised her with a handmade pearl bracelet with hanging locket as a gift. 

I remember my first Etsy transaction. It meant so much receiving something handcrafted with love and I wanted her first order to be special as well. Welcome to the wonderful world of Etsy Jennifer! You will become addicted-if you aren't already. ;)

 "It was a wonderful experience working with Love Sparkle Pretty! She was completely delightful and made such beautiful custom items for my wedding. People raved about them. Can't recommend enough! Thank you!!
Also, I had no idea when I ordered the pieces but my (now) husband had bought me a key shaped necklace as a gift for the wedding day and the bracelet you made as a surprise was just so perfect to go along with it... I would just like to say again, THANK YOU so so much. You made everything so easy that I just had nothing to worry about."

Adorable jewelry packaged perfectly with a hand-written thank you note?! Thank you @lovesparklepretty 

Wendi- A beautful bride whom I created the dainty lace veil for as well as a completely custom garter set.

"Thanks for the gorgeous veil @lovesparklepretty"

Casey- I had the privilege to send her and her 2 daughters floral crowns which later became a part of the top selling crowns in the shop. Thank you for inspiring these pieces and your kind heart.

"I just had to say THANK YOU!!!!! Oh my heavens, I literally GASPED when I opened your gorgeous box today- AHH! WOW! Seriously WOW!...THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!! **squeals**" -Casey Wiegand

Heatherly Loves-Heather ordered a custom dreamcatcher (my dreamcatchers are now only available through custom order via email: Heather is the best and so talented! Seriously! One day we will have to meet someplace between IL and CA. lol

"Absolutely love my dream catcher. Thanks so much @lovesparklepretty you always amaze me with your pieces."

Tyler-My most adorable niece's momma. :) I created this large custom dreamcatcher for her with mint and gold accents. It's handstamped, "Dream Big" to give her inspiration to chase her dreams of becoming an RN. She's almost there!

"Thank you @lovesparklepretty for the most beautiful dreamcatcher I have ever seen! And thank you to @brittkneelittleton for getting it for me for Christmas! I love it! My wall of dreamcatchers is coming along! :)"

Lainey-This girl is the best! I am so thankful when I get to connect with customers beyond just the "online shop order." Not only did I get to send her one of these druzy necklaces but I also created her veil for her wedding day back in July. Getting to know the faces behind the "usernames" is truely amazing. Thank you so much Elaine for your continued support!

"Thankful for artisans & etsy for helping us connect with them! And my new #druzy necklace from #lovesparklepretty ! Beautiful packaging and a kind handwritten note to go with it Love it! Thank you so much @lovesparklepretty !"

Little Miss Andee-This girl is another continued fan of Love Sparkle Pretty. She's rocking the Gold Chain Headpiece from the shop. :)

Brionna-She is fantastic! I was so privileged to create this veil and flower hairpiece for her big day as well as another veil for a later photoshoot. Thank for your kind words throughout your emails and messages Brionna. :)

".... I loved what you created for me! Thank you"
She is also a Stella & Dot stylist!

One of the best kinds of happy mail to read when you wake up in the morning. Lindsey truely made my day! These words mean more than one will ever know.

Several emails were sent back and forth after this and getting to know her more than just a "customer" was so wonderful-her passion for jewelry design, her love of travel to the states and elsewhere in england, her education, etc. These are the people I am able to impact each day (even if it's just with a smile).

It may seem that I just make "pretty things" or I'm just another stay at home mom with a hobby but to me, this "hobby" turned business means SO much more than I can explain and I absolutely love what my passion has turned into and has allowed me to do. Thank you Lord God!

What is your passion and the reason behind it?


  1. You're truly talented! And I totes need a flower crown :)

  2. You are truly talented. I love your veils and you will definitely be my number one choice when I get married!

  3. I just found your shop on Etsy and LOVE your work! So gorgeous! You've got a new follower now :)
    Pretty Lovely

  4. Lovely photos! :)

  5. Such beautiful pictures! You're such a sweet person and I'm so glad all of your customers see that! :)


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