Monday, January 13, 2014

Loving Lately (A Fox Inspired Styled Shoot, Dream Catchers & A Heart Warming Cause)

What I am loving this beautiful Monday morning.

This fox-inspired bridal shoot by Tara Shiloh Photography.
Tara contacted me a few months ago asking if I'd create some unique pieces for this shoot that she had in mind in the snow fallen woods. So fascinated by her amazing concept, I created a headpiece made with black tulle as a blusher veil and fox ears. I also made some last minute wrist cuffs with left over tulle and pretty vintage-inspired buttons. These are pieces I will forever treasure from the styled shoots that I've been a part of!
I was SO excited to see this creative process come to life in the couple of 'sneak peeks' she just recently posted!! I want to see more!

I never thought I'd say it but I have really enjoyed being in the kitchen and making something delicious from our own home! My husband and I just bought a couples cookbook and have made a few yummy recipes so far (except for the one where a "pinch" of red pepper flakes turned into half of the container because the lid came off)! Ha! Spending this time together has been a lot of fun. Not to mention, the SCRUMPTIOUS food we get to eat that we made

I think I will make some fruity pancakes this morning with eggs and greens...

Being Productive.
Ok, so maybe getting ready for taxes isn't something that I'm "loving" but I can say that I love the feeling of getting things done and marking things off a list. Lately, I've been waking up around 5:30 am to start my day. It certainly has not been easy (especially because of my hypothyroid) but after doing it for a few weeks, I feel SO much better throughout the day and I feel more energetic to be productive. It's been really nice to wake up before baby love, drink my coffee, do my devotion and head to the craft room or start house chores and breakfast before the sun comes up.

If you aren't a morning person (like so many of us) and feel like you have less energy than your daily tasks require, I strongly suggest getting up earlier than your normal wake up time. After doing this for about a week (even a day), you will notice a major difference and it will become a healthy habit!

Dream Catchers.
There's just something so whimsical and inspiring about these beauties!
I have been creating dream catchers made with laces, feathers, beads and now sweet little inspirational quotes hand sewn to them. I have been debating whether or not I should add them to the shop because I'm not sure if they are cohesive with my pieces already available. Until I make up my mind, I've been taking custom orders (! See more of my designs on Instagram.

Speaking of dreams...
Heart Warming Causes-especially those that help sweet baby loves.
Operation Smile has been such a beautiful cause since 1982. They have performed over 200,000 free cleft surgeries world wide that have saved countless lives of children. What a wonderful gift those medical professionals are sharing!

A few years ago when I was getting ready for Nursing School, I came across Campus Book Rentals who actually give back to this charity with every rented book. Not only do you get your college books at a discounted price (40%-90% cheaper than bookstore prices) with FREE shipping both ways, but you also help save children's lives by giving to Operation Smile

Campus Book Rentals also has a new program called Rent Back where instead of selling your books, you can rent them to other students and make more money! It's the better alternative than reselling your books at the end of the semester/quarter.

What are you loving today??

**A portion of this post his been sponsored with compensation but all of the opinions and statements are my own.**


  1. Which couples cookbook did you get? I want one! Also, I'm loving our sunny winters here in Miami!

  2. Such a great post! I love those cuffs!!!

  3. Love the 'sneak peeks' so beautiful, you did amazing!! Yes please share the cookbooks you bought and I really think you should add the dream catchers to your shop! Everyone loves them!!


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