Friday, September 6, 2013

Using a soft light studio kit for shop items {Photography}

I am so excited to know that I now have a solution to taking photos of my items for the shop at night time!

I work the majority of the time on orders and new pieces for the shop while my son and husband are sleeping but I always have to wait until the morning to take photos of them because of natural lighting. Although natural lighting is best, sometimes, I want photos sooner rather than later without the awful fluorescent lightening.

I was so happy to see a large box on my doorstep a couple days ago from YesCom USA because I knew it was my brand new soft light studio tent kit! This little set up would solve some of my lighting problems for sure! I opened it up and was pleasantly surprised how easy everything was to set up and the kit included everything I needed-including light bulbs for the 2 lamps. It also included 3 different colored back drops for the 24" portable pop up tent and a small camera tripod to take still photos.

In order to test out the kit, I decided to take some photos at 10pm to see what kind of lighting I could get for my new hand painted feather necklaces!
With both lamps on either side of the tent, the lighting turned out great! This is so much better than the ugly yellow tinting I would get in my photos if I tried taking them directly under ceiling lighting or using a desk lamp to shine light on product.
Afterwards, it's so easy to pack up the studio tent and zip it up into the convenient cover that is also provided with this set. I used my lens cap to show comparison of the size that the tent folds up into. This makes is great for small space storage!

I'm very happy with the product I received from Yescom USA. Not only do they have great photography equipment but they also have items for your outdoor needs, pet supplieshealth and beauty products and so much more!

Do you use any photo kits for your shop/blog/product photography?

This is a sponsored post in which I did get reimbursed with product. The photos and content-including opinions are my own.

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  1. This is so wonderful! How absolutely perfect for your little shop - the photo turned out great :)


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