Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday + A Discount Code!!!!

 Chiffon shirt + Skinny Jeans: Forever21 Yellow statement necklace: Lindis Delicate Edge Flats + Cross ring: Rue21

A few thoughts from today:

*How in the world do you dress for sum-fall? It's still way too hot out but I want so badly to dress for fall already and break out the richer colors, comfy cardis and ankle boots! Instead, I will go "simple style" today with a statement necklace (which I LOVE) from Lindis Delicate Edge. Love Sparkle Pretty readers get 20% off your order with the code LSPLOVES20!! Go see her pretty shop here!

*So excited for Disneyland in a couple weeks with other mommy friends. I'm totally not a part of the Disney obsessed but I love a reason to get dressed up and since we are dressing as Disney characters, I might as well have fun with it. Turning myself into Pocahontas for the night. It's time for a Pow Wow!

*It's back to square one with house hunting. A few nights ago, we backed out of escrow from the house we put an offer in. Honestly, I'm relieved after finding so many repairs that need to be done during the home inspection. I just don't want to sign a billion more papers!

*I need to take more power naps. Enough said.

*After breaking down at women's bible study today, I thought about the fruits of my labor being put into my sweet, ever growing son. I broke down because while there were several other women with kids playing in the house, my son seemed to be the only one getting on top of tables, banging on tin toys (loudly), eating other peoples food, hitting others with paint rollers and sticking toys in the toilet. After trying to discipline him over and over and still not getting anywhere with soothing his actions, I took him into the other room, closed the door and sobbed as he looked at me with his compassionate eyes. His strong will is overbearing most days and it certainly doesn't make motherhood easy.
As I think about these past (almost) 2 years of being a mom, it's been a struggle but I know that the fruits of my bearing, the results of my call to motherhood won't be all for nothing. I'm learning everyday and will appreciate every moment-even the hard ones. If you are a mother, remember this and cling to this. Raise your child(ren) in the way they should go and let God handle the rest.

What has been on your mind today?


  1. Loved your thoughts from Bible study. And I've been there- thanks for the encouraging words. ps Come on Fall right?!

  2. Love your outfit :). Also love the rest of the post! it sounds like Disneyland will be a lot of fun! I'll be praying your house hunting goes well, sorry you had to back out because of house repairs but thank God you found it out before purchasing! I'm so sorry you had to deal with disciplining while having people over it's always so rough to stay strong and feels like it'll never end when your going through it, but you did your best & are a great mom. It's amazing how challenging parenting can be sometimes but also how rewarding with all the little giggles, watching them learn new things & all the times when they are so sweet you don't know how they could be so bad the next minute lol. I hope your having a great night!

    -Kayla :)


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