Friday, September 27, 2013

A little home makeover

A few days ago, I went a little crazy with redecorating our home. Most of this creative rush was brought on by the Creative Tea Time event I went to this past weekend. While I was there, I made a few pieces that had to be showcased in our home so how. Thus, the small home makeover.

I created the "choose joy" wooden plank at CTT. It was a bit larger but the top piece of it had broken off which is why the letters don't look very centered. I still love it anyway!

The "my cup runneth over" print was in our swag bags donated by the ever so talented Rebecca of A Sweet Little Note.

I still have to paint the book shelf. Not sure what color yet...

This frame used to be black and have chalkboard painted glass inside. Well, the glass broke and I painted the frame the same color as our refurbished coffee table. I love it! I'm not too sure what I'm going to put inside the frame just yet. Antlers? The letter L? An old book?

I received the "Happy Days" banner from my friend Aurora of Unconventionally Vilchis. Cute right? Sorta matches the DIY home banner I recently posted.

These shelves used to be filled with modern teacups and random decor. I took all of that down and added the letters "EAT" which I spray painted gold, my succulent terrarium I made at CTT and added the cutest mason jars ever created by Beach Blues.

I'm thinking of adding a collection of vintage forks spoons and knives to each jar??
I also want to paint the shelves but since there is some black decor in the kitchen...I'm not too sure yet.

I took the large frame above our mantel (which used to be a bright teal frame) and painted it ivory with gold trim. I'm going to distress it a bit so you can see the details in this pretty frame a little bit better. I also painted the inside of the frame with chalkboard paint. Since my other chalkboard decor broke, I needed a new one.

I love the clean look of all of this. Makes me look forward to the cold months so I can light some candles (see the pumpkin spice one on the mantel?!) and cozy up on the couch with several knitted blankets!

I'm still in the middle of  repainting things and decorating which is a little strange, I think, since we should be moving soon (hopefully). I love the ambiance of a newly re-decorated home though. Makes the home feel refreshed. I think our bedroom will be next!

Have you re-decorated recently? Even just for the change of seasons?


  1. I love all of this! You did wonderful!!

  2. Love all of it, but especially love the kitchen styling. I would definitely go with vintage cutlery in the jars. Super cute idea!

  3. Sometimes just switching things up a little can make such a difference. Love getting peeks around different bloggers homes! Super cute.

  4. Omg so cute! Love to be still wall. Very darling!


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