Saturday, July 20, 2013

DIY Arm Candy (Part II)

Last week, I shared a tutorial to make a pretty chain bracelet with ribbon to add to your arm candy. Today, I am sharing a tutorial for a simple yet versatile beaded bracelet.
I created these bracelets using these same steps.

What you'll need:
small gold colored cable chain
4 beads in colors of your choice
2 small-medium crimp beads
2 small jump rings
gold jewelry wire (size 49 strands or smaller)
lobster clasp
clasp connector
wire cutters
needle nose pliers

First, measure your chain around your wrist and cut it just a bit smaller than the diameter of your wrist. (You can always cut off more of the chain if it's too big once you're done).
Next, cut about 4" of your jewelry wire and thread one end through an end link of your cable chain followed by a crimp bead. Then, thread the same end of your wire back through your crimp bead so you have a loop.
Clamp down and close your crimp bead using your needle nose pliers to secure the wire to your chain. Be sure to get the crimp bead as close as you can to the end of the chain so your wire loop isn't too big.
 Now, thread through your beads and add a crimp bead at the very end.
If you'd like to create a bracelet similar to the mint one, then, thread a small crimp bead between each bead. Be sure to add a crimp bead at the end.
Once your beads are on your wire, thread the other end of the wire through the other end link of your chain. Then, thread your wire back through the crimp bead. Pull on the wire to tighten it and make the loop smaller. **Be very careful not to pull too hard and break your end link!
Once your loop is small, take your needle nose pliers and clamp down tightly on your crimp bead once again to close it. Cut off any excess wire using your wire cutters.
 Then, cut your chain in half using your wire cutters once again.
Place your bracelet over your wrist and measure it once more to make sure it will fit OK. Cut any excess chain off from each side. Then, get your lobster clasp, link connector and 2 jump rings ready to add to your bracelet. Keep in mind that these will add a little bit of length to your bracelet in case you need to trim your cable chain a bit more. 
Using your needle nose pliers, open one of your jump rings and place it through an end link of your chain and chain connector. Close it to secure it.
Do the same with the other end and your last jump ring. Close it to secure it.

Voila! You have a new bracelet to add to your arm candy this season! I am loving these color combos!
(Excuse the crazy veins above...My nursing school brain would want to stick 'em! lol)
Next week, I will post the last DIY tutorial for this set of bracelets so if you don't already, be sure to follow along on Bloglovin'!
Have a beautiful day friends!


  1. This is incredibly gorgeous! I will attempt to try this. I saw your link on the Let's be friends Blog Hop. So glad I decided to visit your blog!
    Stop by and say hello if you'd like:

    Great work. I'm a new fan.

  2. I love this, I'm excited for summer and arm candy! This is definitely on my to do list :)

  3. Beautiful! I love the simple elegance of this bracelet!.

  4. So pretty, it looks so delicate and cute! Love it, pining it, sharing =D Thanks so much, awesome tutorial!!!

    Cami @ TitiCrafty

  5. Hi Kayla! just found your blog from a blog hop. I love your blog and that bracelet is pretty! :)

  6. How cute! I have always wanted to make my own jewelry. I need to try this sometime. Thanks for sharing.

    Style of One's Own

  7. really colorful, i love it.


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