Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Recently {A lesson learned, a new adventure + the sweetest moments}

I feel like these past few days have been a roller coaster of emotions. I'm sure just about every girl has said that. Ha! 

Starting it all off with a big learning lesson, I made a decision based on valuing my time and efforts. Have you ever felt totally taken advantage of where your time and energy into something went unappreciated or discounted? Without getting into too much detail or naming names, I was asked to help someone with a project-a pretty big one and long story short, I felt as if that "pretty big project" turned into my pretty big project. My boundless efforts, countless hours and best intentions to help someone else were actually criticized and it hurt.

I took this as a learning lesson in my career and in valuing my time. I know that we are individually created with unique qualities and I can now say that I am relieved of this "project" and look forward to the great blessings and events ahead!

Speaking of events, I am TERRIFIED-yet equally EXCITED-about the one my husband and I are about to embark on next week. For his birthday present, I purchased a sunrise hot air balloon ride for 2 over the vineyards of Temecula valley with a champagne brunch afterwards. I have a huge fear of heights so floating in a basket connected to a balloon thousands of feet off the ground is frightening to say the least. I'm so excited though and look forward to crossing this off my "bucket list."

I came across this quote in a sweet love book and thought it fit this craziness perfectly. :)
Are you embarking on any great adventures soon?

The past couple days have been some much needed relaxing family days. I took a break from the craft room for a while to celebrate my husband's birthday with his family which turned into a great night of food, a sweet video of our son, pool games, jacuzzi time and heart felt conversations.

The next day, we had a bbq at my mom's house as well as a bbq at a friend's house. More yummy food I must say!

As far as "mommy-hood" goes, I have had some of the sweetest moments with my son. Since he is now in a toddler bed, he thinks bed time doesn't really exist since he can't be "contained" in his crib anymore. To help get him to sleep in his bed, I have crawled into it with him to cuddle and read Berenstain Bears books. Although my efforts can last well into the night and most of the time he just ends up in bed with me, these have been some of the most memorable nights.

After a few relaxing days (and some exciting news from one of my favorite photographers-more on that later), it is back to "work" this week! I have orders to ship out, pieces for photo shoots to finish and a floral design portfolio to complete.
glasses: Firmoo || scarf: Austenland || camera lens coffee cup: Nomorerack

How was your extra long weekend friends?


  1. Did you stick to the project? I don't think I could do that, I would go crazy!

    I can't believe you are doing that hot air balloon ride. Just noooooooo haha

  2. Found your blog from Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles Bloggversary Giveaway. I'm also a sponsor ("Get Busy Living" blog). So glad I came across your cute page! Cute style and love the photography!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments. :) I will drop by your page as well.
      Have a beautiful Wednesday!

  3. That's too bad! I think you have a good attitude about it though. Your efforts will ultimately not be in vain!

    Your adventure with your hubby sounds like it will be one to remember!


    1. Thank you so much Karen! :) I appreciate your kindness.
      I'm excited about next week too! Hope I don't pass out. Lol
      Have a great day,

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