Thursday, May 2, 2013

Emilee's First Birthday!

This past weekend was my niece's first birthday party that my family threw for her. I can't believe she is already ONE! It's crazy how fast time flies!

We did a really last minute Elmo themed party which was decided by my brother since baby Em loves Elmo. We added some girly touches too and it turned out to be such a great day!

It was so good to see our family together. Emilee was a little tired for her party but she still had a blast-especially opening her presents! She got right in there and started removing all of the tissue paper before we could even sit down and adjust to watch her. lol We teased my brother that he has a little diva on his hands and is going to have to SPOIL her as she gets older!

When it came time to sing to her, she started to cry but hey, it's her party right? She can cry if she wants to!
As for the cake, she didn't care to eat too much of it but she enjoyed licking the frosting off her hands and arms.

She looked so stinkin' cute in the ruffled tulle dress that she wore for her big day! Thank you Cheyenne! :)
Here are some photos of little Em's 1st birthday.

 Happy birthday Emilee! Aunty loves you very much!!!


  1. SO beautiful and precious at the same time! I love it!:)

  2. Awww so cute! Aren't 1st birthdays so fun? Love seeing their reaction to the taste of the frosting. My niece had never had any before and went to town!

  3. Super cute! What a cute birthday!


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