Sunday, February 3, 2013

A baby seal mug + I need questions PLEASE! :)

Today seemed like such a quiet day. Other than the great morning at church and giving my little speech on a new mission I'm leading (p.s. I didn't faint like I thought I would! lol), I feel as if today was just...quiet. I came home really tired which happens a lot seeing how I have hypothyroidism and just feel lazy. Does anyone else seem to be having those "lazy days" more frequently?
Superbowl came around and you know what I did? Watched half time on my computer (B was amazing by the way)!
I have a few orders I need to finish tonight and as much as I love to create pieces, I can't be "creative" all the time-though most of the time I certainly can be. I'm just tired tonight.
BUT, I'm determined to snap out of it with this cup of craziness...a.k.a. peppermint mocha coffee straight from our kitchen!
^Isn't my baby seal mug cute? I got it when my husband and I took a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific.

By the way, I have been thinking about doing my first vlog post and would love to answer some questions about almost anything! Ask away please! :)

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