Tuesday, December 18, 2012

That night we went to see Christmas lights and ate at The Hat!

   The other night, the husband and I took the little to see all of the pretty Christmas lights with some friends. We went to a neighborhood known for all of its extreme Christmas decor in Rancho. When we walked the streets of this pretty neighborhood, I couldn't help but wonder, "when these people move into this track of homes, do they sign a contract stating they will decorate their home each year for the holidays?"
   Each house was beautiful, the carolers sang merrily and the kettle corn was delicious! It really brought the atmosphere of the holidays to life! Not to mention, the laughter that came from the stoller races with the guys and the simultainious full bladders! :)
   Afterwards, we went to The Hat for some pastrami, chili and cheese fries. SO YUMMY! Here are some of the photos from the night.
   By the way, my camera died half way on our walk soooo there's lots of pretty lights and cool decor that I wasn't able to capture. :(



The Hat
Have you been?
Levi was completely full after we devoured those fries! lol
Love these munchkins!
It was such a good night!
Have you put up Christmas lights and decorated for the holiday? Or are you procrastinating this year? :)

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